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The Ultimate Guide to Foam - Pretzl Cosplay

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  • Author: Pretzl Cosplay - Joyce van der Goor
  • Jazyk: English
  • Number of pages: 77

About the book:

Do you want to learn how to work with EVA foam and create amazingly detailed costumes and props with this material? Then this book is exactly what you are looking for.

A practical crafting book with lots of photos and descriptions that can help you to learn new techniques for creating cosplay costumes and props.

This book teaches about the basics of working with EVA foam and shows techniques how to work with it to create amazing cosplay armor and props. Since it doesn’t only teach about the basics, but also shows many techniques and ideas to create detailed projects, it’s both awesome for beginners and for advanced crafters.

In this book you will find detailed information about the following:

  • Information about various kinds of foam that you can use for cosplay projects
  • Required tools to work with foam
  • Descriptions of basic foam working techniques like cutting and gluing foam
  • Different techniques to create armor with foam
  • Different techniques to create amazing details on your foam pieces
  • How to prime and paint your foam pieces
  • Tips about storing and wearing foam armor and props
  • A lot of photos and tips!